About me

About me

My Name is Dafina

Welcome to my page.
I am so glad you stopped by.
I know that sometimes life can become chaotic and I am very happy to help you navigate through the challenges.

About me
I'm a Transformational and Wellness Coach, Neuroencoding Specialist, Brain Health Trainer, Mental Strength Coach certified by Harvard University and a Motivational Speaker.
I was leading a successful career in the corporate world and enjoying the world but suddenly everything changed.
I was diagnosed with womb cancer and had to undergo a few difficult surgeries which led to losing my ability to have my own children in order to save my life.
As a young woman in my mid 30s it was hard to deal with all the mental pressure and fear. I was lost, confused and I experienced a huge mental challenge.

I knew that I had to make a choice

This life-changing experience taught me a very valuable lesson.
Life happens to all of us and we have a choice about how to respond to it. I made an intentional decision to leave the pain and fear in the past and through hard mental work, pick up the pieces and continue building my desired life.

- I started learning about human psychology.
- I learned how to manage my anxiety.
- I rebuilt my confidence.
- My pain inspired me to start a movement to help other women https://www.change.org/checkMEupUK
- I changed my career.
- I become a Transformational coach.
- I transformed myself and my life.

My Passion

I realised that we all face challenges but nobody has equipped us with the tools to know how to face and overcome those messy moments.
My own experience has created a burning desire to help people transform anxiety into power. Now my mission is to help others learn how to navigate through those challenges, build emotional resilience and become mentally stronger.

Feel free to get in touch with me: dafina@dafinakirby.com

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About me
About me
About me
About me