Conflict Management in the Workplace

Corporate Programmes

Corporate programmes are carried out either virtually or in person.

Conflict Management in the Workplace

Nonviolent Communication at Work

Conflict and disagreements most often occur because of misunderstandings and differences in communication. Ultimately, the best way to manage conflict is to catch it early by emphasizing collaboration and consensus from the start. The truth is that conflict is an inevitable part of work life and it does not only affect those who are directly involved, it impacts the entire team, department and organisation. How you and the organisation you work for, manage conflict is what ultimately determines the level of productivity and fulfilment you will experience at work.


Through individual and work in small groups employees will learn:

  • How to prevent disagreements from becoming unhealthy conflict
  • Conflict resolution skills & effective listening
  • Proven strategies and communication skills to prevent and manage conflict
  • How to create a safe work environment that encourages open communication and trust
Conflict Management in the Workplace