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No matter what your big ambitions or obstacles, I will help you gain total clarity and achieve incredible results.

You know that there is so much more you can do and be in your personal and professional life.
If you haven't managed to achieve it on your own yet, you have come to the right place; I am the coach for you.
I work with ambitious people who want to create a life that they desire and deserve and are ready to take action.

Benefits of working with me:

Confidence, Inspiration, Transformation

• create the clarity, vision and direction for your career and life
• understand who you are at your core, why you do what you do and what you really want
• let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
• regain higher level of self-confidence and self-esteem
• a much healthier lifestyle and mindset
• understand the reasons behind old beliefs which present patterns and challenges.
• create positive and long-lasting new habits
• I will help you save time and energy so you can achieve your desired results quicker

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Our 1:1 sessions

My approach to coaching is based on openness and trust.
I will be asking you questions to understand where you are right now and where you want to be.
Throughout the coaching process you will discover the obstacles that have been holding you back from the joy and passion you have always desired. Through our work you will gain skills and tools that will give the competitive advantage to create lasting success in your life.

Only with new tools and new habits we create new results.
Take the step to your next level of success, purpose, and happiness.

Session Information

  • The 1:1 coaching sessions will be carried out online or in person
  • The sessions are usually 1h
  • Book your free introductory call: booking@dafinakirby.com

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