Building Resilience

Corporate Programmes

Corporate programmes are carried out either virtually or in person.

Emotional Resilience

Discover the skills that help to become emotionally stronger to manage stress and navigate challenges.

Every day pressure at work can be challenging for so many people. However, some individuals have an ability to work under pressure easily and some experience increasingly high levels of stress, which affects their life and performance at work. Research has shown that the main difference is the system of thinking - mental toughness.
In this workshop the attendees will discover how to build their emotional muscle and become more emotionally resilient.


Through individual and work in small groups employees will:

  • Discover how building emotional resilience will create more positive changes in life and work
  • Understand how to use emotions to cope with pressure and challenges in the workspace
  • Uncover strategies that will change the way attendees think and feel
  • Identify ways to manage stress and build resilience
  • Learn methods to develop resilience in others

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