Personal Testimonials

I am very happy to have met Dafina in my life, she is a very important person to me and my family. In a challenging moment of my life, we talked through together about who I was, where I was in the cycle of life and what I had achieved so far. With her great listening skills and her words, she was able to reset my mind on going back to base, to settle, to pause and to reflect on what was important for me in life. I truly believe she is the one who helped me achieving my most wanted wish. Her key words are still very much with me everyday!
I cannot thank Dafina enough for her support.
I strongly recommend Dafina to help you too!

Stephanie. E

I'm really glad I signed up for coaching with Dafina. Her sessions helped me identify and prioritise my objectives and come up with challenging, but achievable action plans. I've achieved so much in the last 3 months and I would not have been able to grow this much without her support and the fortnightly sessions to force me out of my routine and comfort zone. She asked intriguing questions that made me reflect on my inner processes and I felt comfortable talking honestly with her. Even though we have finished the sessions, I will continue using some of the tools I've learnt from her. Thank you.

Impact after 8 months:
I am still immensely grateful for the direction the coaching sessions with Dafina gave me. I wanted to change careers but I didn't know how to start. I have since resigned and found a new job in the chosen field that I identified during the coaching. Moreover, I have found myself a few times overcoming challenging situations applying some of the techniques I learnt through the sessions and coaching myself the way I imagined Dafina would.


Dafina has given me tools to achieve my goals, either it is big or small. She has been an active listener in our coaching sessions and made me feel relaxed and accepted during each session. She doesn't just cheerlead through the highs but also through times that have been more challenging to me and always allowing room for reflection. She always encouraged me to believe in myself and to look at the bigger picture when my doubts and insecurities kicked in.

She has encouraged, inspired, motivated me to launch my skincare business. I was in my initial stage of setting up a skincare business when I first started the coaching sessions. She guided by me through the steps that I needed to take in order to set it all up. By the end of the four months, I had successfully launched my website and started selling my organic product online. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone.
Thank you so much, Dafina!


Dafina is an incredible coach! She is very knowledgeable about personal development and passionate about helping people. I could tell she enjoys being a life coach and went above and beyond in every one of our calls. Through our journey, we went through many zig zags as I struggled to figure out what I really wanted to do. I changed my mind and goals many times and each time she patiently helped me zone in on the things that I truly wanted to do and the steps to achieve them.

I'm so grateful for the experience because not only did I learn how to break down and focus on what I need to accomplish through action plans but also, I learned tangible ways to measure progress and success.

I am overjoyed as I have tangible results from our sessions, having achieved one of my first big goals recently! I know that a lot of it has come from her support, her encouragement and her guidance as she helped me get past my fears to achieve my goals. I 100% recommend Dafina as a life coach. She gave me invaluable knowledge and I know this is only the beginning of real, life-changing results for me as I have never been more focused. She has a gift and she should share this with others.


Dafina is incredibly enthusiastic. She transfers positive energy to you even over the phone! With very simple steps she makes you realise things you never thought before. I never felt pressure or rushed during the sessions, I always had time to think and Dafina always guided me through my thoughts and doubts.

I will highly recommend a session with her because she is really prepared, professional and nice. If I look back at everything we have been through since the first session, I can't believe how much I have achieved.


I consider myself someone who is fairly in touch with their inner self, and one who thought that they were already "working on their self-improvement".
I am genuinely amazed at what Life Coaching with Dafina has done for me.

My sessions with Dafina have been literally "life changing" from the very first session. I am stunned at the results.
Every morning I wake up with new awareness and mindset.

Dafina has a natural talent to help you discover your true self, the core of who you are.
I am so grateful for all the work she has done for me. I have wasted so much time with bad habits (which were so difficult to overcome) but now they have vanished and I'm making great progress towards my goals. It really does feel "easy" now to stay on the right track.

I genuinely wish for everyone to have this feeling!
Anyone who is curious and brave enough to go deeper into their own self discovery will do well with Dafina!
It was such a pleasure to work with her.
Thank you so much Dafina.