How To Set Achievable Goals & Change Your Life

For people who want to take charge of their Lives and Happiness

Do you feel that you have had enough of feeling stuck and blocked at every turn?
You have set goals and never followed through.
You constantly feel that you can do so much more but sometimes you feel frozen to make that next move and take action.
One more year has passed by without you living life as your true self and going after your dreams.
You are lacking confidence and sometimes you don't believe in yourself and your capabilities, that you can achieve your goals.
I have been there too but, when you look back, what has that hesitation cost you?

From my personal experience I discovered the steps to achieving your goals and going after your dreams. It is very easy to give up on your goals when you are on your own.
In this group coaching session you will get the guidance, acountability and the steps to achieve your dreams.
Please join me in these 13 life changing sessions, where together as a team we will build an exciting 2024.

What you will gain...

3 months Transformational Live Group Coaching

- Weekly group zoom calls - Total 13 sessions. (Time and dates to be agreed, as a group).
- Daily Inspirational and motivational messages
- Weekly direct emails - you can ask me any question related to your goals.

Bonus 1 Online 1:1 Life Coaching Sessions
Bonus Tool - Yearly Planner
A new way to planning your year.
Bonus Tool - How To Manage Negative Thoughts
Negative thoughts can become overwhelmingly stressful and get in the way of our dreams but they can be overcome with simple techniques to challenge and control them.

Discover what specifically gets in the way from where you are now to where you want to be.
I will work with you to overcome obstacles you face to achieve your goals and desires.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching Information

I want to help you, to achieve your goals for 2024.

Starts - Monday, 5th February from 7pm-8pm

  • 13 Transformational Live Coaching Sessions - 1 hour a week, for 13 weeks
  • Bonus 1 Life Coaching session 1:1
  • Bonus Tool - Yearly Planner
  • Bonus tool - Learn How To Manage your Negative Thoughts
  • Community of amazing and likeminded women
  • This offer expires Friday 2nd February at 11pm GMT
  • For any information please email:

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