Coaching for Leadership

Corporate Programmes

Corporate programmes are carried out either virtually or in person.

Transformational Leadership

How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader

Efficient leaders inspire people to create, be innovative and push for company growth. Some people say that "leaders are born not made". A persons leadership potential is a combination of their personal style, character and wisdom that comes from experience as well as new perspectives and reflective practices throughout their journey of leadership, management and development of people. We believe good people can become great leaders and our coaching for leadership service is designed to do just that.


Through individual and work in small groups employees will learn:

  • Master Strategic Planning, Communication, Teamwork, Vision, and other core skills great leaders have
  • How to achieve results within your organization by being a strong leader
  • How to delegate effectively to empower their team
  • To spend more time developing plans and ideas for the future
  • To feel confident enough to involve employees in decision making and planning

The training can be tailored to meet the organisation's needs.

Transformational Leadership

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